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Showoffs "Stage Fright To Stage Presence" Performance Workshop - June 7th
7:00 PM - 11:59 PM Jam Chamber Rehearsal Studio
Date: June 07, 2019 to June 07, 2019
Where: Jam Chamber Rehearsal Studio, 40 Lepage Court, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: N/A
Event Type: Arts & Theater
Ticket Price: N/A
Showoffs Performance Workshop is a fun and exciting class for people from all walks of life. Throughout its' 30+ year history, Showoffs has helped thousands improve their voice, confidence, stage presence and performance skills as well as help them overcome the fear of singing, speaking or performing in public.Students of all vocal abilities prepare songs to sing live among fellow participants. Through these mini-performances, the Coach (Art Nefsky) identifies your particular performance obstacles, addresses vocal technique and concentrates on providing effective performance exercises. You'll improve your vocal skills, confidence and stage presence, and reveal your own style and personality. Are you self-conscious or shy? Does being in the spotlight make you nervous? Do you feel uneasy or intimidated when performing, giving a speech, doing a presentation at work or even talking to fellow workers? With Showoffs' proven techniques and lighthearted approach, your discomfort will begin to fade after just one session. "Showoffs helped me find my voice" Finding Art Nefsky and Showoffs helped me find my voice. I'd always loved to sing in choirs and groups but solos terrified me. Art's uncanny intuition about the barriers that hold you back from feeling comfortable on stage and his ability to help you break through those barriers truly changed my life. Participating in his fun yet practical workshops and performance classes, transformed me from a stage-fright-paralyzed person to a singer who can now truly feel the joy of connecting with a song and, most importantly, the audience. I can't recommend Showoffs more highly or thank Art Nefsky enough. Deborah Smyth "I am singing every chance I get and driving my friends crazy talking about my classes." I have been a nervous sort of person my whole life and I am quick to find fault in myself. One of my friends recommended Art's classes to me. She arranged for me to meet Art and book my first lesson. I felt comf