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Essentials of Product Management
9:00 AM - 11:59 PM Breather Co-working Facility
Date: July 24, 2019 to July 24, 2019
Where: Breather Co-working Facility, 425 Adelaide St. West , 2nd Floor, Suite 201, Room 2, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Event Type: Business
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Overview The three-day Essentials of Product Management course is all about setting you up for success in your Product Management career. You'll learn how to identify your customers and dive deep into their problems. You'll discover how to use experimentation and Minimum Viable Products. And you'll learn techniques for successfully building and launching your products or services. The course experience is designed around interactive exercises, giving you the opportunity to practice using the tools and templates in the class environment, so you're ready to use them on the job. Who Should Attend Those who are new to Product Management or those practitioners who have been working in the product management roles, but don't have formal training and want to learn a formal structured approach to their jobs.Product teams who attend will have everyone using the same languages and processes. Once aligned, teams will be able to deliver with improved cadence and enhanced business outcomes. Learning Outcomes Participants will learn the following:• Uncover, prioritize and test ideas• Move from customer/problem fit to product/market fit• Effectively plan the product delivery and go-to-market activities• Engage stakeholders throughout the product design and implementation process• Maximize day-to-day activities, monitoring product performance and keeping abreast of market changes Business Benefits Organizations will see the following immediate and ongoing benefits of investing in their product teams: • More profitable, market-driven products and services• Delighted customers• Reduced product or feature failure by removing "gut-feel" product decisions• A consistent approach across product teams and their stakeholders who build, market, sell and support products. Workshop Outline Module 1 - Foundations of Good Product Management ▪ What is a Product▪ What is Product Management▪ Understanding Product Management roles▪ Problems vs. Solutions▪ Buyers vs. Users Module 2 - Stra