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Property Intelligence - Turning real-estate into Wealth
7:00 PM - 11:59 PM Royal Le Page (Port Credit)
Date: June 06, 2019 to June 06, 2019
Where: Royal Le Page (Port Credit), 114 Lakeshore Rd E , #6, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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Event Type: Business
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Real Estate Investing has so much hype and buzz around it these days and many people have FOMO.  With crazy-good returns and little knowledge, many people jump into being real estate investors.  Find out how to avoid buying the wrong property with bad tenants and getting stuck in an endless cycle of babysitting whiners. Many professionals in the marketplace talk about the benefits of owning real estate, but few teach you how to be a good investor and landlord.  We have done the gruntwork for you and put together a group of professionals to show you what you need to know and can help you along the way. At this event you will hear from experts in their field and what you will take away: Meet Olga Grant, she worked in the Service Industry since 1984 as sales person and Manager of a Tourist Company. 18 years of experience in Real Estate, helping sellers and buyers as well as renters to find the place most suitable to their needs. She has expertise in multi-residential properties, helping her clients relocate, condominiums and placing tenants. She will be speaking about local opportunities and the state of the local market that she services.  Meet Allen Chin, he calls himself the 'Mortgage Strategist'. His passion is mortgages; The driving factor behind his practice are two fundamental principals: First to assess your home purchase/renewal plan and pair it with the right strategy to your situation, second executing on that strategy so the end result is paying off your mortgage faster and saving on interest payments in doing so. If you would like a REAL different experience with your mortgage and would like to learn more about the hidden potential you really do have, Allen is always open to a conversation! Allen will provide you with a Property Summary Report that contains: Mortgage Talk: - Overarching theme is "Equity utilization" Broken down into two main mortgage strategy topics: - Strategies that ultimately reduce the total interest payments - Strate